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11 habits to add to your evening routine at BeautyAndGraceShop.com
11 habits to add to your evening routine so you can get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed

Restless nights and groggy mornings, for most of us, can be overcome by making a few simple adjustments to our evening routines. By consciously stepping away from the busyness of our days, unplugging, and intentionally slowing down, we can transform our nights from restless tossing and turning into soothing, dreamy nights of sleep.
13 Ways To Get Out Of A Creative Rut
13 Ways To Get Out Of A Creative Rut

We live in a world where creativity tends to get squashed. Busyness, criticism from others, self-doubt, and obsessive comparison are just a few of the hurdles that can stop the creative juices. So the next time you are feeling uncreative and out of sorts, try one of the following ideas to get those creative juices flowing again!
10 ways to end digital overwhelm at BeautyAndGraceShop.com
10 easy ways to end digital overwhelm

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the whole digital thing (or just overwhelmed in general), give a few of the following suggestions a try. These are practices that I personally use to help me control my own digital doodling so that I have more time throughout the day, and can think more clearly about and do the things that inspire me.