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Get your day started right with these 10 morning routine ideas!


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Do you ever have those mornings where you feel like you got up on the wrong side of the bed, and the rest of the day just goes downhill from there? We’ve all been there! Fortunately, just adding a couple of conscious actions to your morning routine can make all the difference and take you from, “can’t I just go back to bed” to, “I’m ready to embrace the day!”

Begin. Morning routine ideas

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

These 10+ ideas are things that I personally do and really enjoy as part of my own morning routine. I think if you give them a try, you’ll like them, too!

If you do try out a few of these, or if you have your own morning routine that you love, let me know in the comment section below. I would love to hear what works for you!

1. Brush your teeth first thing…

…even before drinking water!

Hopefully, most of us brush our teeth in the morning, but we might not think to do it before eating or drinking anything.

I learned the importance of starting the day first thing with a sparkling clean mouth when I was researching how to incorporate Ayurveda (an ancient Indian health and well-being system) into my daily habits. The complete Ayurvedic morning cleaning routine is pretty extensive, including tongue scraping, oil pulling, gargling, chewing sesame seeds, and some other interesting stuff designed to get rid of any yucky bacteria or muckiness from one’s mouth before consuming water or food and thereby consuming a good amount of that yuckiness and muckiness.

While I don’t follow the whole Ayurvedic routine, I do take the time to thoroughly brush my teeth, including giving my tongue a good brush, to remove the yuckies and muckies, almost as soon as I roll out of bed. Having a fresh mouth helps me feel fresh and ready to start my morning.

2. Drink a glass of water

A glass of water first thing (after you’ve brushed your teeth, of course) helps to flush toxins from your system, rev up your metabolism, and rehydrate your body after a night of not drinking anything while you sleep.

Bonus idea: make it a cup of warm lemon water - with freshly squeezed lemon juice, of course. Lots of people in the know tell us that drinking lemon water is very beneficial, including helping to improve digestion, boost immunity, and flush the system. All good things!

Morning routine idea - hot lemon water with pretty Grace upon Grace mug and tea towel

3. Connect with nature and engage your senses

No matter the season or the weather, step outside for a few minutes. If it happens to be cold or rainy, wrap up in a snuggly blanket before heading out.

Engage each of your senses one at a time to reconnect with your body and environment – notice the ground underneath you or the temperature of the air, try to identify any smells, notice any tastes in your mouth (another reason to brush your teeth first thing), listen for the sounds of nature, and look for all the beauty surrounding you.

You can do this even if you live in a very urban area. Nature is everywhere, and taking a few minutes to engage your senses and connect with it will help you move through the day feeling more grounded, centered, and peaceful.

Morning light. Morning routine ideas

Photo by Zwaddi on Unsplash

4. Gratitude

Take a moment to think of or write down one or two things you are grateful for. Starting the day with gratitude reminds us of all the good in our lives and helps us to stay positive and thankful throughout the day.

Gratitude journal. Morning routine ideas

5. Meditate

Meditation has been shown to have a whole slew of benefits, from stress release to better focus to improved physical health. Taking the time to meditate in the morning, even if just for a minute or two, can help us feel calm and focused for the rest of the day.

By the way, meditation does not have to be a complicated or lengthy practice. Just pausing to pay attention to your breath for a minute or two is fantastic. Or perhaps simply spend a few minutes quietly focusing on and pondering a favorite bible verse or section of scripture.

6. Pray

Connecting with God in the morning helps gain us perspective and hope. It reminds us that there is so much more to the world than just our lives and problems and that we are truly connected to and part of something so much bigger.

You don’t have to be a Christian or religious person to pray, either. God is there and willing to have a conversation with you no matter what you believe (even if you don’t believe He exists!).

7. Set your intention

Most folks just float through their days doing whatever is expected of them, never really present or conscious. By setting your intention first thing in the morning, you give yourself the opportunity to set the tone for the day and do the things that are most important. I recommend deciding how you want to feel as you move throughout the day, and what the #1 thing is that you want to accomplish. If you are a woman of faith, check in with God and ask Him what he has for you in this day.

Bonus if you write your intention down, too!

8. Greet your family with a smile

Avoid falling into the common habit of starting the day grumpy and frumpy. Instead, start with a smile! The simple act of smiling can lift not only your own spirit but the spirits of other people. Sometimes it might take a little effort to engage those smile muscles, but it is worth it to get the day started with a happy, sunny vibe.

While you’re at it, if you’re married, be sure to give your spouse a kiss, too.

Live alone? Smiles don’t require another person. Try looking at the sky, or at a pretty view, or even at yourself in the mirror, and flashing those pearly whites. I bet you’ll feel an instant boost!

9. Make your bed…

…and tidy your space.

Making your bed and cleaning up any extra stuff lying around – like water glasses, socks that you threw off in a huff in the middle of the night, or extra books on the nightstand – help to freshen your space and your mind, and give you a sense of accomplishment right at the start of the day. Not bad for a couple of minutes of effort!

10. Move your body

Nothing gets the blood flowing and your energy up to embrace the day more than a bit of movement. If you can fit a full workout into your morning routine, great! But just a few stretches, maybe a couple of sun salutations, or dancing around the shower to some upbeat music will give your mind and body a fantastic boost.

Extra ideas to try adding to your morning routine

  1. Take a walk.
  2. Eat your breakfast sitting down at a relaxed pace.
  3. Journal your thoughts for 5 minutes. This Leuchtturm 1917 journal is currently my favorite journal. I love the dots, page number, the index at the beginning, and the smooth, high-quality paper.
  4. Listen to uplifting music.
  5. Get dressed for the day, even if you work at home.
  6. Read a chapter out of a book.
  7. Read your bible or daily devotional.

Do you have any morning routines that you especially love? I would love to know! Share them in the comments below…


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Get your day started right with these 10 morning routine ideas!

This is the day that the Lord has made;
    let us rejoice and be glad in it.
– Psalm 118:24

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May 21, 2019

It truly is a blessing, isn’t it, Alyssa! Thanks for stopping by!


May 21, 2019

Love these! And isn’t it a blessing that we can pray, no matter who we are or what we believe?!

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